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29 June 2012

Review/Audio: Chemo Presents… My Mate Does Beats

Our main man Suave Debonair drops this review of the brand new release from UK hip hop's "don" level producer and engineer Chemo.

If you don’t already know about the beat making geniuses that reside on our piss drenched island then this fine collection of gurgling synths, trickling hats and hard knocking kicks will wake you up to some truly extraordinary talent. I’ve been lucky enough to work with a few of the beat makers from this distinguished list and know they are truly dedicated to their cause. The at times unsung heroes of the UK Hip Hop scene, these dudes are the Doc Brown to our Marty McFly - and without them there would be no metaphorical hover board, which would be bad news - TRUST. With the competition of beat battles occurring more often now, these anoraks of the breaks are only getting better at their craft and it would not surprise me in the least if some of the names on Chemos collection go on to produce tracks for some of the music worlds head honchos...

Kicking off this showcase is Pete Cannon followed by Naive, who in my slightly bias opinion are two of the best most diverse producers to appear in the last 5 years. ‘Feathers’ by Bambooman made me feel a bit like a 2p spiralling down into one of those charity boxes you get at supermarkets, and Kosyne’s ‘Everals Remedy’ had me dying to hear a verse from Common blessing it. Jon Phonics ‘Digital bath’ had me chillin till my fingers and toes went mad wrinkly, then Sivey brings bangin melodies with ‘Boss’.

We gotta wait til track 16 for the man himself Chemo to make an appearance with ‘Filaments’, a break ridden rumpus of epic proportion shortly followed by one time Brightoner (now London based producer) 184 - who brings things to a close with the deliciously dubby ‘Louder’. To be fair every beat on this collection is more than worth your time, and goes to show just how exciting things are about to get in this scene.. Is it time for Ronson, Timbaland and Will.I.Am to make way for the new crowd? Listen and make up your own mind!


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  1. Pete Cannon – Poznan
  2. Naive – Break Me In Bred
  3. Zygote – Body Snatchers
  4. Telemachus – Life in the Bus Lane
  5. Lamplighter – Rain
  6. Big News Skit
  7. Bambooman – Feathers
  8. Isyss – Bittersweet Miranda
  9. Kosyne – Everals Remedy
  10. Jon Phonics – Digital Bath
  11. Sivey – Boss
  12. Hey!zeus – Dunno
  13. Anatomy – Nagas
  14. Apollo – Feed
  15. Industry Chris Skit
  16. Chemo – Filaments
  17. Beat Butcha – Crack Rig
  18. Trusay’s Mate Skit
  19. Paul White – The Pointless Forest
  20. Mike Forte – Without Love
  21. Apatight – Star Drops
  22. Hops – Franks Mettle
  23. Jae Genius – BMG
  24. 184 – Louder

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