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17 June 2012

Video: Danny Brown & A$AP Rocky go back and forth!

Danny Brown and A$AP Rocky sat down at Primavera with Vice Magazine's music channel to go back and forth about a bag of issues. Part one sees them discuss picking up girls on Facebook, real MDMA, and the hassles of being in the music industry.

In part two of 'Back & Forth' A$AP Rocky loses control when Danny Brown tells the story of his teenage encounter with an old prostitute, Danny complains about being compared to Wu-Tangs ODB, and the two guys go through their shopping list of women they like to get down with.

In part 3, Rocky and Danny talk about bad interview questions, the power of music reviewers, who their real fans are, and how they go about choosing their beats.

In part 4, Rocky quizzes Danny about his hair, Danny admits to being a freak just like Prince and Rick James, then both rappers talk about the best music festival in history.

In the final part of this series, the two rappers talk about where they'll be in 20 years time, and talk about how they both got by selling rocks when they were younger.

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