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3 October 2011

Audio: Boogz Boogetz ft. Prodigy - Supreme Flow [vocal of Skream - 'Filth']

Another monumental step towards UK music taking over the world, as the legend Prodigy, of Mobb Deep joins fellow New Yorker Boogz Boogetz in vocalling dubstep producer Skream's classic track 'Filth'. You maybe thinking, wait - "this isn't the first time a US rapper's jumped on dubstep!"

The significance here is that they're East Coast rappers, whereas the majority of dubstep beats have been vocalled by West Coasters (Eve, Snoop, Xzibit, Kreayshawn etc). Small error on their half is that they've used Skream's Twitter name on the artwork!

Boogz Boogetz ft. Prodigy - Supreme Flow

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