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18 December 2010

Video Review: Jammer - Back to the 90s

Jammer jumps on a hot Toddla T production for the latest visual offering from his current album Jahmanji (Big Dada). With video direction from Josh Thomas, nostalgic nineties memorabilia and cameos are on heavy rotation. The video's as vibrant as the hook is infectious, making this one a candidate for the next in line of successful grime cross-overs.

Jammer and C Gritz take it back to the nineties from the outset, jumping in a Bill & Ted style time machine phone booth and get ushered in to a house party from yesteryear. With stylistic direction from London fashion guru Sarah Young, vintage Nike Air Max 90s, Moshchino and Reebok Pumps are all thrown into the mix. These, along with carefully calculated colour clashes and patterns that marked the decade make this video not just one for grime fans but a reference point for the emerging trend of ravers bringing back the old school vibe!

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