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27 December 2010

Review: M.I.K - The 5 hour shift EP

Continuing the theme of work related mixtape titles M.I.K presents the next installment of his unique brand of grime; ‘The 5 hour shift’. Following his sophomore full length mixtape ‘Grime 2 Five’ that dropped earlier in the year, this five track showcase is proof that the art form is progressing and the work is constantly being put out, with this being his third release this year.

On ‘Trouble maker part 2’, he pushes the flow pattern and delivery up a few notches and weaves his way thru the nutty Wiley beat, describing his leadership status in the grime game, being the one to check ‘for the new formation’.

‘Duppy and leave’ is a potential grime anthem with a generous dollop of aggression that ticks all the right boxes. Lyrically it’s a track that could easily be played on sets long after it’s initial hype has moved. However, it’s a wonder Teddy’s beat was used as there were remixes that surpassed this particular one, despite him being one of the elite producers of 2010.

‘Way before’ is a great collaboration with Dimples that shows they’re both seasoned artists, bringing clarity and content oozing with confidence and metaphors. These qualities only come with experience and the opening bars prove exactly that. This is probably my favourite track on the EP as there’s no messing, just solid grime from both of them.

‘Plot freestyle’ is a darker offering with edgy bars stabbing the bouncy beat from producer Faze Miyake who I’ll be checking for in 2011. Lyrically the bar is kept high on this track and the sinister delivery suits it well, and makes the next track sound refreshingly light hearted.

On ‘One of a kind’ Blizzard gives MIK a more US dirty south style production which I've always been an advocate of grime MCs spitting on. The content is slightly more volatile and less threat based which many grime MCs can over do but delivery is consistent and metaphors on point.

To sum this EP up it’s MIK in grind mode, and further proof that switching up your style is so necessary to stay relevant in today’s crowded grime scene. Beat selection is bang on and the delivery has become more relentless. Definitely worth the £2.99 price tag in my informed opinion!

Review by Nick BlatantlyBlunt

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