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30 September 2010

Video: Ed Sheeran & Devlin going bar for bar

Ed Sheeran & Devlin going bar for bar backstage in what seems like a spontaneous cypher at the example gig, 02 academy, Sheffield. I've heard Ed Sheeran's name around a lot but never actually heard what he does until now. It shouldn't work [i.e. cliche'd], but in fact he's a skilled lyricist and has a good vibe about him, so I'll definitely look out for his music...

I think Devlin's landed fairly gracefully onto the 'mainstream' level which I'm glad about . Despite a couple of shakey first singles, I've been impressed with his latest track 'Runaway' and if he stays on that introspective/'working class hero' vibe without his producers over doing it on the production [eg. on Giant and Brainwashed], I think the press might just be making a fair comparison of him as 2010's Mike Skinner. Despite his current sound being reasonably distant from his past material [Just listen to'Dealers'] he's still got that extra edge and consistency lacking from many others doing it on a major level...

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