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13 September 2010

Big Boi's 'You ain't no DJ" contest

Get involved in big boi's new competition and win big! Use his banger 'You aint no DJ' ft yelawolf [which is one of my favourite tracks of 2010] for your mix that you submit on their site and he will personally pick the DJs with the best mixes to win...

Check out the videos from the DJs telling you ain't a DJ if you don't fill certain criteria. A lot of them i agree with but DJ camilo reckons you aint a DJ if you never released a mixtape on cassette... whut?! Click below the video to hit up their site:

Check the competition site here!

Here's the video of the track. Yelawolf drops what is possibly the hottest verse the whole year!! Trust when I say you WILL be hearing a lot of him and J Cole in 2011...

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