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13 September 2010

50 Cent offers to look after Wayne Rooney

50 Cent has offered to provide refuge for Wayne Rooney.

The rapper said that the England footballer - who is apparently desperate to avoid a divorce in the wake of allegations that he cheated on wife Coleen - was welcome to stay with him in his Manhattan penthouse and "clear his head".

According to the Daily Star, 50 Cent said: "I’ll make sure that if Wayne comes here and we party that he doesn’t get into any trouble. Clearing his head while his wife gathers her thoughts will be good. They can have talks with clear minds."

The 'Candy Shop' rap star added that he did not condone Rooney's alleged actions, but that he sympathised with his situation.

He said: "I’m never going to excuse the behaviour of a man who doesn’t treat his woman right but I understand. Man, we’ve all been there.

"When the dollars roll in, the women start rolling in as well. When you have a good woman at home you should say no but it’s not that easy."

Source: Digital Spy

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