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19 April 2010

Scott Storch co-produces new Dr Dre & Jay-Z track "Under Pressure"

Scott Storch is quickly getting back into swing of the music game by lending his hit-making skills to the highly anticipated Dr. Dre single “Under Pressure,” a song that features Jay-Z.

The song, which has yet to leak, is a huge move for the Philadelphia-bred musician, according to a company working closely with Storch.

"To see Scott Storch and Dr. Dre back together, signifies the change in the music industry climate as we know it. This will definitely get the industry back in step with the world,” said Derek Jackson of the Bluewave Group, Inc.

Storch and Dr. Dre have worked together at great lengths in the past, including "Still D.R.E," (which was written by Jay-Z), The Chronic 2000 and a plethora of other works.

Source: AllHipHop

Last I heard of Storch was him breaking up with Lil Kim, reports of fiendish tendencies and selling his yacht on e-bay for a ridiculous some of money. Good to hear he's back doing what he does best tho! Detox should be worth the wait...

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