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8 February 2009

Video: The Lonely Island - I'm On A Boat (ft. T-Pain)

Normally with comedic hip hop tunes you get a bunch of dudes who can't really rap but can afford to make an average music video and get a semi decent production behind it. This is the case here except they CAN rap (albeit good imitations of big rappers today) and have a good video/beat.

The difference is in this case they've paid $000's to bring T-Pain in who provides his golden touch in the form of a chorus and adlibs to make the audience think he's unaware that this track is parody. In terms of what of I reckon it's a parody of, I reckon Movado's modern classic 'On The Rock' may have had an influence on this track (check the big remixes of that also, from Jay-Z, Chipmunk and others).

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