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15 February 2009

Home made hip hop defined

This is great, I can't explain why, and on paper it doesn't really work. But when you throw in the liberty of hip hop and the eccentricity of London based music you can see why it has worked. Not to mention the 4 simultaneous versions of the video, which gives it that alternative twist kinda like 'Why Must I Cry' by Rehdogg which is also unconventionally enetertaining and just as eccentric. I also enjoy the fact that it shows just his life, nothing pretentious (especially the rapping). The guy behind this is NSG (Nutyas Surya Gumilang) who moved to Hackney from Jakarta, Indonesia when he was 10 and his album Working Class Superstar is out now.

Make sure you listen to this grime version of Crank dat souljah boy. It's hot enuff to want to listen to another round of learning how to "super man that hoe"

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