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2 February 2009

Grime MC Ribz banged up

Fading grime MC Ribz has been identified on camera "as the man who recently dragged a girl into a subway in NW London where he tried to rape her but was passing cyclist raised the alarm and scared him off. While he escaped on a mountain bike, his victim remembered the distinctive script of the large tattoos on his arms"[source].

'Gully bre'

Ribz, whose real name is
Elias Kajue has been described by one of London's free rags, The London Paper as a "violent drug-user who had a string of previous convictions" and say how he "struck as his 23-year-old victim waited for an early morning train at Cricklewood station in north-west London."

Ribz has been jailed indefinitly and will have to serve at least 6 years after being convicted, with the tatoos on his arms being used to identify him.

Ribz was known as one of the featured artists in the anthemic 'Pull Up Dat Forward' and part of former crew Gully Gang who are now de-funct to the members being locked up...


  1. used to like dat geeza growin up
    now hes just a wasteman who gonna get bummed all day everyday

  2. is he in jail..when is he cumming out...

  3. News update on his time in jail posted...