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19 October 2008

Wretch 32 - Be Cool

Don't adjust ur speakers just yet, the tune plays fine despite the low quiet intro, and when it starts, boy does it bang. This, in my opinion is a graceful way of 'going left'. For those unsure what that means, it's a term that hip hop/grime commentators, like me or you use to describe an artist moving away from their comfort zone and making their sound either more commercial or more alternative/indie sounding; depending on where they began in the first place. Eg. Hip hop is dead by nas has this great and over looked line about him controversially signing to Def Jam:
"Gave my man my right, I could have went left
So like my girl Foxy, the kid went Def/deaf"

On Be Cool, Wretch talks about things that hip hop was founded on. Looking fly, having a good time and (wait for it).... being cool. It's tracks like this that grime needs more of to appeal to an audience who still thinks that grime music doesnt go beyond 'Pow' or that So Solid stereotype. There's no doubt that Wretch will get slated by the grime purists (in fact he has; here.) who say this is all a bit 'bait' but as you will see on that thread, the tune is also praised. In my view its a substantial tune that has it all

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