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12 July 2012

Video: Jam Baxter - The Gruesome Features (OFFICIAL SNIPPETS)

Here's a snippet of the tracks from one of the MVPs of UK hip hop at the moment - Jam Baxter - The Gruesome Features is OUT NOW on High Focus Records, on CD, digital & limited edition vinyl format. Featuring Chester P, Dirty Dike, Ramson Badbonez, Fliptrix, Ed Scissortongue, Verb T, Leaf Dog, Mr. Key, Dabbla, Ronnie Bosh, Mowgli, King Kaiow, & DJ Sammy B-Side. Production from Illinformed, Pete Cannon, Kerem Fraiche, Ben 9mm, Philly B, GhostTown, Konchis & Shankles.

Check my interview with him below:

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