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10 July 2012

Review: Ramson Badbonez - Bad Influence [Album]

Here's a review by our guest writer 'Dutty Harry' of the highly respected North London rapper's debut album, which is set to drop 27 August 2012 on Boot Records. The album features Mystro, Harry Love, Brad Strut, 184, Fae Simon, Remus, Farma G, Wizard, Jetsun, Boot Productions, Row.D Beats, Balance and DJ Insite. You can pre-order now from

I was excited to be reviewing the new Ramson Badbones record, and took it as a great chance to inform the otherwise uninformed of what I know and believe to be quality hip-hop, and Mr Badbones has not let me down on this, his sophomore release.

If I thought he was a pile of water buffalo dung, I would straight up say that, but in the case of this record, it is the polar opposite. Known for his hard delivery, mad arse punch lines, and adaptable lyricism you know what to expect. Some might say he is not doing anything different from the norm on this, but he has a good thing going, so why try changing it?

One of the standout tracks includes ‘World You Know’, produced by Wizard with the subject matter dealt with in a clever analytical way. It is a track that is telling you that in essence, that there is a “them and us”. Not only is it lyrically dope, it is an up rise song.

This is the lead single from Ramson's forthcoming debut album, produced by DJ Insite. 

‘Food Glorious Food’ featuring Mystro and produced Harry Love is blooming jokes. I have not heard a song like this for a while, as after hearing it I was starving! This was most likely down to the two emcees, who rhyme about every meal you can fathom! It is always great to have some Harry Love production, a very important producer in British hip-hop (who you have probably heard before, via Klashnekoff’s iconic ‘Murda’).

The Taskforce link up comes on ‘What Could They Say’, which features Remus and is produced by his dad Farma G. Remus absolutely smashes in a way that can only be compared to when Del Boy and Rodney dropped the chandelier in Only Fools and Horses! Would love to see this performed live.
This release is solid and an example of what great UK hip-hop music is coming out at the minute. However, it is for you to judge yourself, so get out there and support real hip-hop! 

You can pre-order now from 

Check the album sampler below (Mixed by Jazz T)

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