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29 May 2012

Sponsored Video: Samsung's 'Seductive Motion'

If there’s one sure fire way to destract a bunch of men from their daily chores, then a former underwear model waving at them from across the street is a guaranteed winner! The sassy stunner is only trying to adjust her TV, and although that is not a problem she also has a stampede of excited guys running around like headless chickens, under the assumption that it is definitely them she’s waving at!

Most of us will remember the classic Friends episode that had Joey making numerous trips back and forth trying to track down his potential Juliet, only to keep returning to Ross’ flat - but in this case the guys manage to track down her apartment; fighting each other on the way to make it up there first.

However much to their disappointment (and to her confusion), she was not expecting them! She is however a bit peckish and waiting the pizza man, who has a striking resemblance to a certain pint sized Hollywood star you may recognize best as the Penguin!

The familiar scene of the American metropolis is used to full effectiveness in this amusing new video advertisement for Samsung’s ‘Smart TV’, which allows the user to control the TV without even reaching for the remote control! The TV has a face recognition which allows you to log in to the Smart Hub and can be controlled using your voice and motion... that is how you know we are most certainly “living in the future”!

The 99-second advert has racked up an impressive 2.7 million views in under a week (imagine that for an underground hip hop video!) and features a well-known social video star you make recognize. To find out more, hit up their Facebook fan page and catch the behind the scenes footage of this video.

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