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24 May 2012

Audio: Suave Debonair - Woodkid Iron (Hip Hop Remix) [review]

Review by 'Dutty Harry' on the latest track from South coast word smith, whose new single 'Play My Game' is doing the rounds at the moment, including Channel 4's 'Freshly Squeezed'.

Suave Debonair has a name that makes you take notice, but the question is should you take notice? I could give a monkey’s if the fella is suave, or debonair, it comes down to skill, what you say, and how u say it to me.
His reworking of the ridiculously talented Woodkid’s ‘Iron’ shows promise. If you aren’t familiar with it you might of heard it on the Assasins Creed : Revelations advert.
Cant knock the guys skills on this one (and trust me I love knocking just about anything), he shows off what he’s got to offer in abundance. Lyrical dexterity, killer flow, maybe a bit monotonous (but it works), and raw emotion. To be fair his subject matters emotive in itself.
The hater in me must point out that it isn’t groundbreaking but it aint suppose to be. All in all, good stuff. Il be keeping my ear to the ground, check it, like it, dislike it, whatever, I’m out….

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