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6 April 2012

Review: Caxton Press - Shame the Devil LP

Caxton press might be shaming the Devil but there’s no shame on their shoulders with this banger of a debut album. The group's name derives from the name of the first guy to introduce the printing press into England and the album title is taken from Walter Lipman’s quote “There can be no higher law in journalism than to tell the truth and to shame the devil – remain detached from the great”.

The group consists of established names in the underground UK Hip hop scene - Manage, Kingpin, eMCee Killa and singer/rapper Amy True, who all bring it solid and precise over producer Profounds’ knocking beats - with DJ Snuff behind the decks on the live tip.

Some people might say that Caxton Press are playing it safe by not trying to reinvent the wheel with this straight up Boom Bap ‘real hip hop’ piece of work but.... I gotta disagree. The way I see it this is the true sound of UK Hip Hop and if it aint broke don’t fix it. That’s not to say by any means it’s a simple thing to put together. To do it and do it well you gotta come correct and connect with your listener. That means that they gotta tick the check list..

1. Heavy Production – Check
2. Capable intelligent Emcees – Check
3. Tight Rhyme Schemes – Check
4. Hooks – Check
5. Concepts – Check
6. Soul – Check

And a feature from Maverick Sabre doesn't go a miss..

Now I could give you examples of all these things present on ‘Shame the Devil’, but i’m just gonna sum it up for you here. If you wanna know about UK Hip Hop and nod your head to some homemade badness then you need to cop this album, because although Caxton Press aint reinventing the wheel you best believe they rollin heavy as a ten ton truck with this one!

Shame The Devil is available to download and mail order direct from or on iTunes.

Twitter: @CaxtonPress

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