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18 April 2012

Interview: 184 (hip hop producer)

So what do you know about producer 184 and his body of work in this thing we call music? “Not a great deal” might be your answer, but I guarantee anyone with their ear open to that good stuff will have heard that dude can construct the illest beat. Suave Debonaire caught up with the man at his Brighton manor to talk about the release of his new Mix Tape ‘Where's my parade’, celebrity sex tapes and mini ramps...

Q: So 184, what can we expect from ‘Where's my parade’?
A: It is a compilation of tracks I produced over the years, which people may not have realised, were mine. A 'greatest hits' if you will. Going back about 8 years, the earliest track is my brother's tune "Uncontained Rage" which came out in 2004 I think. The featured artist line up is crazy and I'm very fortunate to have worked with everyone on there.

Q: What do you make of the UK scene at present?
I think it is in a good state. Good tunes are being made, good shows are happening and people are enjoying themselves without getting too soppy about it.

Q: Do you think we will ever see an X-Factor style show for hip hop producers?
A: If so, I'm the Susan Boyle (if she was she in that?). Surprisingly competent. Alternatively, I want Cowell's job and salary.

Q: Did you see the Tulisa from N’Dubz' sex tape? 
A: Nah I'm old school. I saw the Paris Hilton sex tape. Suave Debonaire's so old school he saw the Pamela Lee sex tape.

Q: There are names that are making big moves in music land featured on the mix tape, is there anyone else on the come up that you want to work with?
A: I'm doing some work with a vocalist called Rag N Bone man from Rum Com. He's gonna be king next year.

Q: I know you used to have that Mini ramp back in the day. What happened to that, did it turn fire wood, and if so have you still got blunts?

I loved that ramp. I moved out of my mums house when I became grown up, and couldn't take it with me, then after a while she moved aswell. I was told he went to live on a farm in Wales, where there's lots of other ramps to play with and no roller bladers. I lost the blunts. I went down Hove Lagoon park last summer and nearly bodied myself in front of a load of 14 year olds on scooters.

Q: Hailing from Brighton, who is your favourite B-Town celebrity? Mines that skateboarding dog that was about for a bit.
A: I saw that skateboarding dog a while ago round the corner from Wagamama's. Fuck Jordan and Chris Eubank, skateboarding dog owns this town! He is the sea, he is the sun, he is the slags, he IS Brighton. I might add Pete from Big Brother passed through my house once.

Q: Cheers for ‘The Info’ ha-ha get it? Anything you want to add?
A: I get it. I get puns. I would like to thank everyone featured on the record, Paul Hazell for the artwork, 'The Purist' for the mastering and your good self for questioning me about the things that matter.

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