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21 March 2012

Video: Scorcher Ft Talay Riley - It's All Love [Review]

As a member of 'The Movement' crew alongside Wretch 32, Ghetts, Devlin and Mercston, Scorcher was seen as one of the hottest names in grime throughout the mid noughties, rolling with biggest artists and putting out solid content as a producer and MC, tho as time went on he failed to keep up the momentum up and faded slightly into relative obscurity.

Since getting signed almost two years ago to Geffen Records for a deal reportedly worth a potential £1m incorporating his clothing line and video production company, he's been a pretty quiet, and has yet to make a mark on the mainstream despite dropping singles such as 'It's my time' which seemed a bit premature as a victory anthem. Furthermore his fledgeling acting career distracted his attention away from the mic tho after shining in succesful Channel 4 drama Top Boy, you can understand why!

However with this new single it's great to see him back on top form - featuring a fun yet grimey road-man hook from singer and writer Talay Riley. On a lot big hitting singles like this there's a missing factor, but on 'It's all Love' the pieces comes together perfectly for a rounded single, built for heavy rotation in the streets, on the radio and in the clubs. Combined with a big budget, well shot video, Scorcher's on to a guaranteed winner with this one it seems.

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