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6 March 2012

Audio: Sleepin' Giantz - Badungdeng (Zed Bias, Rodney P & Fallacy)

Sleepin' Giantz is the new supergroup consisting of three veteran UK heavyweights, garage producer Zed Bias, reggae inspired UK hip hop legend Rodney P and grime/hip hop cross over pioneer Fallacy.

Fallacy explains how it all came together.. "The Sleepin' Giantz has come about in a long simmering natural way. Rodney was in with Zed making music, I finished a rave I host called Sexy Ugly and came through. That was the night we recorded 'Badungdeng'. Between me and Rodney we are a mix of busy, lazy and too cool to give a shit so the work wasn't happening.

I did a couple drop ins with Zed but I wasn't making music at the time. Zed just put it out there and said let's do it. It will happen quicker and you will both half your workload, it’s still taken 2 years but we are here. Sleepin'"

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