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29 January 2012

Interview: Dubbledge

 Not long ago, we dropped a review of  the UK hip-hop lyricist's latest album 'Dubbledge vs. The boondocks', thanks to our contributor Suave Debonaire. We're back with the exclusive interview with the man himself, where Edge talks about the Mayan calendar the UK hip-hop game, Nando's chicken and more!

BB: Hi Dubbledge - how was the process of making your latest album 'Dubbledge vs the Boondocks'?
D: It was jokes – I spent time listening out for just the right snippet of knowledge, in the form of a joke offensive enough to make a dead man grin, yea it was fun.

BB: What are your thoughts on the amount of urban/rap channels on YouTube around ? Are they a good or bad thing for the scene, in your opinion?
Both I guess. It seems success is based on views more than sales now. Music is free pretty much and most music video channels on tel-a-lie vision play bulls**t on repeat, so why not make your own channel and show them how it's done. As they say, “power to the people as someone with a brain and some balls.”

BB: What are your main frustrations when it comes to making and putting out your music?
D: The business side – the marketing side - the promoting and publishing side - I don't even like writing! I just like the performing and spitting in the studio and that’s it! The rest of the music biz can eat a sausage.

BB: What was the last song you listened to?
Well the last song I heard was some R&B bulls**t on the radio but the last song I actually paid some kind of attention was Common’s diss to Drake.

BB:  Do you take influence from music outside hip-hop? If so, what bands butter your crumpets?
Yea can't help it, I can listen to anything and be influenced but no band springs to mind I guess I just hear bits here and there but don't really focus on any bands in particular so my crumpets are pretty dry.

BB: It's the end of the world this year, how do you think that shit will play out? And if it does what's your plan?
D: That Mayan calendar ending in 2012 ain’t the end of the world it's just the end of ‘their’ calendar. The date on the Mayan calendar is, the end of the ‘13th Baktun’ period - it’s a cycle so it just starts over the next day as - a bit like how after Sunday you get Monday.

I would love to see a spiritual transformation though, and an end to the brainwash and fear dominated low vibrational bollocks they pump us full of. So if there is a DNA upgrade waiting for us out there during some deep cosmic alignment during 2012 then hook a brother up!

BB: Why do cats have it so easy?
In my honest opinion all pussy deserves to have it easy.

BB: what's the shittiest and best bit of clothing you own?
D: LOL good question. The shittest is a Hawaiian shirt the girls at work got me to wear for my leaving drink- its more butters than the butter on that buttered crumpet you mentioned. Pigeons wouldn't even shit on it!

The best has got to be a personalised t-shirt my lady made me. She took my Dubbledge logo and made a two-tone image over a t-shirt that said 'I AM' in gold and silver diamanté - so it had the ‘I AM’ then the Dubbledge logo over the top just glistening. It looked soooo sick, must have taken her hours but that top is so sellable I might have to go into mass production!

BB: Timberlands or Pumas with the fat laces?
Puma's with the fatty's - Never been into Timbo's

BB: What can we expect from you this year to end all years?
D: Expect TEN TOES DOWN!!! No fingers just ten toes down.

BB: Do you like Nandos? I think it's overrated personally.
D: WOT! Nando's is the one franchise I'm gonna buy in to when I got it like that. How dare you offend my chicken! omg-kmt-smh-WTF !

Chess - Dubbledge vs Chase & Status by Charleevision

BB: Give us your favourite quote.
D: “omg-kmt-smh-WTF!”

BB: Who are your top 3 British EMCEES?
D: Hmmm. In no particular order Kyza, Dabbla and Wretch32. Just because I like swagger with intelligence and I think they may be better than me (only sometimes though - don't get it twisted lol).

BB: Anything you want to add?
D: Yea big up all the heads reading, and yourselves of course. Hope you are blessed in everything you do.
Go check out and @dubbledge on twitter. Raise your vibrations, spread love and keep two thumbs up and TEN TOES DOWN!

Dubbledge's new album is out now. Stream or download it below!

Interview by a suave debonaire. Editing by Nick BlatantlyBlunt.

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