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28 November 2011

Album Review: Dubbledge vs The Boondocks

Ok, ok, ok.... We all know 'Lips to da floor' - the parody drum and bass/grime track that picked up cult status on YouTube showing some mad crazy bloopers back in 2006. Now as tongue in cheek as that might have been trust, tongues don’t come much sharper than that of it's creator, London hip hop emcee Dubbledge.

His latest offering "Dubbledge vs The Boondocks" took me around 6 minutes to download and about the same amount of time to decide that this record is without a doubt a cut above the rest. Obviously he ain't new to the game and his flow and delivery are testament to that. Going in strong with the subject matter on
first track (Willie Lynch syndrome 'The Making of a Slave') he manages to blend humour with a heavy message.

After a brief interlude D brings out the big guns on production with Chase & Status (which was the original vocal of the track 'Hitz', which Tinie Tempah later had success with), the result? Let’s just say it’s lucky my speakers’ ain't busted cos that shit had me hyped as fuck. After another great concept track with EyeSeeYou, which is based on the police's coding to identify different ethnicities in the UK) D decides to invite some friends to the party in the shape of Willow Wispa, Verbal & Dabbla on (Oi).

Now, features on albums can of course be hit and miss but I guess Edge got his quality control locked as tight as his verses cos these boys kill it standard. Dabbla's highlight was clearly “Too gangster, Side splittin with my dick stuck inside a hamster”. I guess the wheel weren't enough of a work out?

Dubbledge - Chess [produced by Chase & Status]

Stand out track for me (this track don’t need to rhyme) shows just how ill a wordsmith Dubbledge
is, true to the title he doesn’t rhyme and still the track is SO HEAVY. Going out on final track
(Cry) D touches on life’s tests and the quest for success on that “What does it all MEAN?” tip with
a Scarface twist (a rapper that likes Scarface? Whoda thunk it!?)

Still solid, and a good way to wrap things up at 12 tracks (Take note MC’s if you got skills we won’t need 28 tracks to figure that out). All in all this album smacks it on a number of levels and reminded me a little of (DangerMouse & Gemini album) 'Ghetto pop life’ which I still spin now. No doubt I’ll be spinning Doubbledge vs The Boondox for some years to come. Get it.

Review – Suave Debonair

Dubbledge -

Preview and buy the whole album below!

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