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1 November 2011

News: Drake Lists His Top Five Hip Hop Albums Of All Time

Drizzy picks some of the most influential albums on his life and career.

For his recent cover story with The Source magazine, Drake spoke with former Editor-in-Chief Kim Osorio about his five favorite Hip Hop albums of all time. During the interview, he named offerings from The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, OutKast, Clipse and Little Brother as his most coveted picks.

“[Jay’s] Black Album. Clipse, Lord Willin’. Uh, this is not an album, but The Little Brother/[Mick] Boogie mixtape [And Justus For All], that was like pivotal in my life. And then I would have to say, uh, I say [B.I.G.’s] Life After Death. And then I will say a toss up between The Love Below and Aquemini,” he said.

He also tacked on a few more influential albums that pushed him towards a career in rap. “And then that’s without…. That’s life changing. That’s without, you know, [Lil Wayne’s] Carter 2 and other things that pushed me to rap. Those were definitive albums that opened my sound. Oh, and Snoop Dogg, Doggystyle. Those were just definitive albums that opened my mind to sound and melody and cadences and flows and you know. Those were like really important to me.”

Drake’s sophomore album, Take Care, is due November 15th.

Via HipHop DX

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