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2 June 2011

Review: Streamago - broadcast your gig!

Imagine you are at the studio or having a freestyle session with your boys, and want to broadcast what you are doing, right then and there! You don’t really want to record the video, upload it to your computer, find time to edit it, log on to YouTube and wait for it to upload to your channel then spread the link around!

There is another option, as long as you have a decent internet connection and webcam you can log on to Tiscali's new service   Streamago and broadcast your gig, studio session or even the club or venue you’re in and show off what’s going on in your part of town! Get your fan base (and haters) commenting and providing feedback on your freestyle session. 

On top of that you don’t need to download any program to your computer. You can also be streaming the live event you’re broadcasting on your Facebook wall (forget watching tv!) so you’re more likely to get people involved that don’t want to leave their favourite social network! Check Streamago's Facebook page here.

You can also add Streamago as an app on your iPhone, which is currently the only application that allows you to send in true real time! However, if you want to allow your fan base that weren’t online at the time to see that crazy mix you dropped at the rave at 4 AM, record your broadcast and save it to your account (each user can use a disk space of 10GB!). Once it’s uploaded, share the link on twitter and Facebook or embed it on to your blog, and hopefully get other people to do the same!  Try it out and drop us a comment on here to let us now what you thought of it...

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Viral video by ebuzzing

1 comment:

  1. Cool!!! I suggest you to post it on Myspaces,
    lot of band would like Streamago!
    I'm gonna use it with my crew!