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4 June 2011

Interview: Cyrus Malachi

Cyrus Malachi burst onto the UK hip hop scene with his crew Triple Darkness in 2008 on their debut album 'Anathema', an L.P which has become known as a UK classic. He recently released his new album 'Ancient future' via No Cure records. The twenty track LP features US acts like Ruste Juxx, Bronze Nazareth and UK artists Melanin 9, Kyza, Iron Braydz and more. Toby Kay chatted to Cyrus exclusively for Blatantly Blunt...

BlatantlyBlunt: Firstly, your name, Cyrus Malachi, how did you choose that?

Cyrus Malachi: Simple, Cyrus is Persian meaning ''of the sun'' and Malachi in ancient Syriac comes from Malak which means messenger so Messenger of the Sun.

BB: Wu Tang affiliate Darkim be Allah and Duck Down Records artist Ruste Juxx appear on the album. How do you go about getting these Stateside artists on board?
CM: I had already worked with Ruste twice, the second time was when i featured on his album ''Adamantine'' and Darkim be Allah was through Endemic....

BB: Despite the American features, you also have the UK features, is there anyone that you wanted to get on there, but for whatever reasons couldn’t?
CM: Not really, I am happy with the UK line-up on there. Kyza is a UK legend and a crew member (in Orphans of Cush), and Cipher Jewelz is also a UK legend who I have always wanted to work with. So that was a blessing and Iron Braydz, like myself, is an up and coming artist with a lot of passion and heat who also has a buzz....

BB: How long did 'Ancient Future' actually take to complete?
CM: It probably took about eight months to actually record, but I worked on it throughout 2010.

BB: What is it you want your listeners to perceive of Cyrus Malachi when listening to the album?
CM: There’s nothing I particularly want them to perceive about me. More the message I bring in my bars and for the music to powerfully affect them when they listen. If they perceive anything about myself I hope its that I am a torch carrier of 'real hip-hop' and a true lyricist who loves the art form through and through. Also I hope they see that people who grow up in the ghetto are capable of intelligent thought and sociological reflection....

BB: You are working with independent label No Cure Records. If a major did come knocking, what would you have to say to them?
CM: I would have to consider it as I have children and need all the money I can get from my craft, but I would definitely have to look into what they were offering and the amount of control I would have. The obvious advantages that come with being signed to a major label would greatly help the furthering of my career and my status within the game...

BB: 'Animal Circus' is a great concept song. What is your outlook on rap music that’s popular today though?
CM: My outlook is simple – it’s a shit, garbage, pre-packaged, dumbed down, diluted version of the music I love called Hip Hop. I can’t get with it man. I mean each to his own but in my opinion commercial mainstream ''Hip Hop'' is the worst it’s ever been, and continually helps to perpetuate the stereotypes of my people which is nothing more than exploitation on a grand scale.

BB: Any last words that you’d like to add?
Thanks for taking the time to interview me, keep real Hip Hop alive... peace.

Follow Cyrus Malachi on twitter @CyrusMalachi.
His new album is available to buy now!


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