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31 January 2011

Download: Gucci Mane's UK Collab mixtape - more GRRRR than BURRR

Logan Sama recently debuted the first track on his Kiss 100 grime show from  collaborative project between Sinden and the grime scene; using vocals from Gucci’s last album, The Appeal.

I've been a close follower of southern hip hop (especially Atlanta, Memphis, New Orleans) for 10 years but just can't get on with Gucci Mane. OK, he has a few hot tunes (Lemonade, tip of my tongue) but considering water cannon like  volume of output his 'ish is just too igna'nt!

However the breadth of names alone on this make it a must listen, here's the tracklist!

Gucci Mane Feat. Dream Mclean & Wiley - Remember When (Terror Danjah Remix) [Radio Rip]

This one featuring Dream Mclean and Wiley was cool (ignoring Gucci's verse) ...until RAY J, the out of favour crooner lay his stomach wrenching chorus.

I've always hoped for some mindblowing Grime and Durrty south collabs (think Lil Jon and Lethal B, or TI and Wiley) but this has missed the mark in my humble opinion...
Based on this lead track, the general consensus here is more GRRRR than BURRR. Artwork's great tho!

Download: Sinden Presents: ‘Free Gucci 2: The Burrrtish Edition


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