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8 June 2010

My interview with Ny for MTV

North London’s Nyomi Gray, known to many under the name NY, is regarded by most as the first lady of R&G (Rhythm & Grime) and made a huge impact with her debut mixtape in 2006 ‘Split Endz Volume 1’. I spoke to her for MTV's The Wrap Up about her new single, touring, and her thoughts on the current grime scene…

The Wrap Up: Apart from the new track ‘Born Yesterday,' what’s been going on in NY’s world for the last few months?

NY: I've just been doing shows and appeared on the new DJ Ironik track which will be on his forthcoming album. I've also been busy in studio recording my debut album. There’s no release date as yet, but will be around the end of 2010 or start of 2011.

TWU: How did you hook up with Gil for the new track?
NY: He knew my dad when I was six or seven. My dad lives abroad now and had a reunion with old mates a short while back. I was there and got chatting with him and we ended up working together that way. We got three tracks recorded over the last few weeks which are all potentially on the album.

TWU: Did you feel under pressure working with him considering he'd worked with names such as Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse?
NY: No, I didn't feel any pressure, it was a natural process. There were no expectations, as I already knew him, so it was really chilled and it felt relaxed. We spent a lot of time joking about and talking about my dad.

Check the rest of the interview here!

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