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10 June 2010

Lowkey Vs Chipmunk AKA George Galloway Vs LL Cool J

Lowkeys tactics to get fame isnt just by attending rallies of resistance but also by making threats to 19 year old pop star Chipmunk who's a sitting duck to all types of criticism... maybe this will increase Lowkey's fanbase to even more people fed up with the system. VIVA LA REVOLUTION (I think)... I have respect and hate for both these artists by the way. I don't like the way Chipmunk's sold out, considering his previous material was SO on point (listen to 'League of my own' for proof) and I respect Lowkey's lyrical ability but his content is a bit samey and reeks of Immortal Technique syndrome...

1 comment:

  1. Does this joker even know why lowkey destroyed him in a track? Pregnant head was dissin the grime scene and everyone in it cause he sold out and got big, and simply put lowkey told chip to humble himself, chip responded by boasting about his money and all that. Lowkey wouldn't stoop that low to get fame, whoever wrote this is a stupid C@nt