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30 January 2010

New material from Top Records

Check these 2 new vids from a crew representing Chalkhill, NW LDN called Top Records or 'Random Mandem' headed and produced by B Dodgy. A solid teamwith regular input from Flirta D.
This first vid is straight up hip hop and has that mid 90s Lord of the underground 'Cheif Rocka' style production and sound which is not easy to resurrect, but strong here with ex armed forces member Olos taking lead vocals.

Next vid is featuring Flirta D, with production from Papers. More on a road rap vibe, goes in hard (even if it does sample Bryan Adams - Everything I Do, the theme tune from Robin Hood)!

*Bonus* Random Mandem were guests on my show on urbanfmtv a little while back, check the footage, it was nuts!:

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