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22 January 2010

Am i missing something here?

Dap-C is a name you may or may not be familiar with, but like Sade and Dido is also a UK artist who seems to have more support in the US than their own shores. The Geordie (thats slang for someone from Newcastle fyi) MC collaborated with major artists like Lil Wayne, The Game and Raekwon and is on the new '2pac album' (I reluctantly put Pac's name there as it's another post-humous official compilation being sold). This new track from him is with G-unit artist 40 Glocc (who I actually RATE) and 2 others. My

UK -US collabs are all good but I feel with this one, Dap-C's networking skills seem to outshine his ability. Not that he's shit but he's just not that good and seems to be struggling with his flow... Take a listen and make your own decision.

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