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13 December 2009

New mixtapes from Scorzayzee

Back in the early noughties Scorzayzee was known as the elite of UK Hip hop lyricists and came with some ill tunes and often politically charged and profound lyrics (check Heroes Die) and is definitly the type of MC that doesn't appear too often). After a spout of cannabis induced depression (which he described very humbly on Mistajam's show) he then retired from music and converted to islam but is now back on it and has come back with a free mixtape which is a taster of what's to come from his new album..
Scorzayzee - The Starter
Scorzayzee - promo release

He went on Mistajams show earlier this week on 1xtra and killed it with a ill freestyle. Check it here, take a look and guess which one of them has lost a lot weight!

He's also in a new docu-movie called Le Donk and Scorzayzee with Shane Meadows.
Check this classic track from him, 'Great Britain' which points fingers at the more hypocritial aspects of this 'Great' country in which we live..

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