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15 November 2009

Update on rapist Ribz' jail time

Earlier this year I posted a news story that also featured in both the grime scene and the mainstream media about Ribz' conviction of attempted rape of a girl at a train station (an indefinite sentence that he must serve at least 6!). Since then, it seems that Elias Kajue's not suffering as a lot of people would hope . The Sun yesterday published an update on the "sex fiend's" time inside saying he "spends hours messing about with his mates" (see a link there?___ pause)
With this type of publicity given to him how can The Sun justify their article, when it clearly doesn't discourage other's from commiting similar crimes.. ah, the hypocracy. Still it's not always bad press about grime music that the Sun publishes.. in all fairness how the hell are there 13 year old girls in places Doncaster and Glasgow screaming for Chipmunk?! Despite him being embraced in to the N Dub fanbase as what it seems like LL Cool J was to America in the late 80s he was recently considered amongst those you'd see on Lord of the Mics or a Rinse FM grime set.