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26 November 2009

Blatantly Blunt meets Class A Ents' JR

I recently interviewed a new up and coming rapper from London called JR, check it out...

1)So JR, describe your style as an emcee and what led you to doing what you do?

I would say my style is definitely unique. I don't use too many punch lines, i prefer to tell you a story about real life experiences. The positive and the negative really. I can go into a mode where I just start thinking these random thoughts where the vocabulary i use gets a bit explicit. Other than that i just keep it simple whilst maintaining the raw effect in the lyrics. A lot of these new artists out keep bragging and talking about how much punch lines the can use. If it don't make sense, its no point. It's my delivery and termerlogy that defines me as an artist. I've been rapping for since 15. Both of my brothers got me into it. I was so whack when i first started out. Then i just focused and got my verses together. Soon after the flows just came.

2) Who do you consider to be inspirations for your sound?

I have to admit, I listen to a lot of Lupe Fiasco, I recently got hooked on Gemini and F N F. They're diverse and creative. They educate and they also talk of a lot of positivity. The way they flow in and out of tracks is so unexpected, no matter how much I listen the same tracks, they always sound different. Anyone thats a true fan of hip hop would own at least one 2 pac and B.I.G record. same with Big L and Punisher and Shady. So i always have the influence off the best to ever do it. I'm trying to come up!

3) What's your view on the UK hip hop scene at the moment?

I think the UK hip hop scene is blowing up. Seriously. The last few years we've had a wave of artists that are holding it down. Myself. Ha ha! Gigs, Jmc. UK can only progress. We shouldn't be looked on as we can't do it because we aren't in America. We can do it wherever we're based, whether its here or out in the states. If I had a chance to work with some of my favorite artists, here or overseas, i would do it. regardless of the soil. At the end of the day, the game is hip hop and we should be embracing it. Me personally, I would do a tune with pretty much anyone that could a serious 8 on a track.

4) Where would you like to be in 2 years time?

Boy, by then, i should be an established artist. I work hard enough. Im on my own label so that in itself is gonna be blessed. I'm a realist, so I honestly see this music going places. If all is good in say 2 years time, ideally, I would like to work with the Cool Kids or Lupe Fiasco. Maybe even before then. All of my dreams and aspirations by then should be fore filled by then. I don't believe in hope so I guess in a sense, if it happens, it happens. It was meant to be.

5) Have you got any mix tapes or collaborations we should listen out for?

Yeah, my very first solo mix tape is out 'A Stroke of Genius' and is available to download on iTunes and off the myspace page. I'm currently finishing off my 2nd mix tape entitled '7 Magpies'. Yeah, don't ask! It's crazy, I know. It's a bit more vivid than the first one. A bit more in your face. The first mix tape was definitely more technical, where as 7 Magpies is some what more explicit. It's what all those that doubted me need to listen to. Look out for tracks 'Major League' and 'Get Gully' featuring my artist Blue S Diamondz. He has got some skills. You can hear those also on the my space and also on hip-hopkings. We also hooked up with Crakk Squad Unit from Sierra Lione and we got Lexwannie online and is now a Class-A recording artist. look out for our collaboration 'Top shop girl'. 7 Magpies set to drop late December/early January.

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