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6 October 2009

TuggaWar - Anyting Mi Say a Law

Tuggawar coming straight outta the musical melting pot North London has got to be one of the most controversial white rappers artist since Eminem. The half greek and half Irishman (real name Neofytos Neofytou) receives criticism from those such as The Guardian and countless youtube e-gangstas but conversely was also picked by 1xtra in their recent showcasing of UK Reggae music at the expense of his caucasian reggae counterpart from Ipswich, YT.

You can see why he's gained his controversy in this, probably his biggest track which contains a (vague but definite) sample of Nirvana's 1990's classic 'Smells like teen spirit'. In this one Tuggy provides the bravado and self praise that we'd expect from someone who's spent time in a Jamaican prison.

Click the cover below to download this mixtape, full of dubs and bangers. If you got an open mind you'll like it...check the review here

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