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25 September 2009

This cover cracked me up..

This image (click here to see) is ridiculously Ice-T-ish that it works in a retro way in 2009 (aka throwback/nostalgic type shit), I just hope he realises this. The name of the mixtape is pretty topical/witty given the whole controversy over the (over)use of what seems like every MC's favorite tool of 2008/9 with some using it a bit more than is healthy (I'm thinking Lil Wayne, Ron Browz, Wiley, and Kanye (before he went 'normal' again)), and then combining that with the record title prefix - songs in the key of ____.

I wasn't actually going to listen to the mixtape from this Lil Flip lookalike (and kinda soundalike) but then I remembered that expression about not judging a book etc. It's pretty/very generic uninspiring but not terrible.. Jus wat I expected.. that ignorant shit you I love.. listen to it here (if u can):

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