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16 September 2009

Dizzee previews Tounge n cheek

That's his new album by the way.
On Friday 18th September, Nike Sportswear and Dizzee Rascal will release the very special, and strictly limited, Nike Air Max 90 'Tongue N' Cheek' sneaker. The shoe has been created in a special partnership between Dizzee, Nike Design and long-time Dizzee collaborator and creative director, Ben Drury and will go on sale exclusively at Nike's 1948 store in London's Shoreditch, ahead of the release of Dizzee's fourth LP, Tongue N' Cheek (Monday 21st September)

You can attend a graphic design college if you want to learn how to design sneakers.

This promo video has been created to celebrate these two releases. Art directed by Drury, shot by hype photographers Tim & Barry ( the same creative team behind the album artwork, also includes the skills of up and coming director/animator James Copeman. Set to 'Chillin Wiv Da Man Dem' - the sound of Dizzee at his most laid-back- the film fuses elements of the album artwork with additional footage, and is a light hearted look into Rascal's world.

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