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2 July 2009


In the wake of the Mosquito EP release from Virus Syndicate we now have the music video for the thoughtful song ‘Believe’ as we await the
deadly attack of Malaria; their second EP released July 6th .

As Virus Syndicate enter the second phase of the ‘Break Out Trilogy’ of EP’s ‘Believe’ speaks to the meaningful side of the soul. While
Dionne’s satisfying vocals are heard we are taken on a journey of loved lost seemingly never to return.

Manchester based Virus Syndicate are continuing their rise to cult status with the current EP release ‘Mosquito’ off Contagious Music and
will soon fuel the fire wit the up and coming ‘Malaria’ EP ft Kromestar. Released July 6.

Here’s a link to Believe:

Pick up a copy of the Mosquito E.P below:

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