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28 June 2008

Fresh tracks you probably havent heard yet

It seems as though fried chicken and rap combination is back once more, with this track from Nas and Busta that I can only assume is going to be on his [untitled??] album. I feel the majority of Nas' newest tracks have been very serious in content and feeling so this is a good contrast:

As a warm up to JME's new album 'Famous?', the Boy Better Know star has re-made the classic MC Hammer track 'Cant touch this'. Just a bit of a comedy track, so dont expect this on his new LP

This track is a new one from Trick Trick (who had a great debut track with Eminem a few years back and hasn't made much of an impact since), Ice Cube and the grandmaster of crunk; Lil Jon. This track is first real example of Lil Jon bringing that classic crunk sound (which you either love or hate) back over the last couple of years, while so many producers have tried to mimic his sound.

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