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10 February 2008

Rich Boy Ft. John Legend, Lil Wayne & Nas - Ghetto Rich

Remember that guy with the stupidest name in hip hop that came out with that track 'Throw some D's', with the crazy Just Blaze style beat? The one that Kanye completely destroyed when he did his dub of it? The guy that gets big budget beats like the afore mentioned and 'Boy Looka Here'? Don't get it twisted, before you judge the line up of this tune and wonder why Nas has dropped his standards again realize that this tune is big. OK Rich boy may not be the hottest rapper in the South but the feeling coming from it but more importantly the features and the beat make this a track that stands out. It makes you wonder how this dude got the budget to include three high profile acts, who are arguably leaders within their respective sub genres.

Ghetto Rich

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  1. that picture just made me have a flashback to watching sesame street as a kid where they had the screen like that with the 4 boxes and sang "one of these things just doesn't belong here".