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20 October 2008

Learn how to count with Flowdan and Killa P

The latest video from The Bug taken from "London Zoo" released on Ninja Tune. I'm seriously feelin this bloodclart tune.. love the abstractness of it.. I know I mentioned this before but where the F is Flowdans mixtape or 1st release? Even Killa P has one out and he aint as prolific as Flowdan. Guan wid it family tree!
the Bug - Skeng ft. Killa P and Flowdan

And to my surprise I read in London's morning free paper Metro that this track is being released today as a single. If you've heard that classic single off Roll Deep's album 'Rules and Regulations' named Weed Man you'll recognize a fare few bars!
The Bug - Ganja ft. Flowdan & Killa P

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