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11 March 2008

Rappers wanna be actors/Actors wanna be rappers

There's a new show on BBC Three aimed at the Youth Hip-Hop/Hoodie/'road' generation called 'West 10 LDN' which is akin to productions like Kidulthood/Dubplate Drama and written and directed by the guys behind Kidulthood and the forthcoming ingeniously titled sequel (yep you guessed it) Adulthood.
In West 10 LDN, there's a big dealer called Maverick who's a white boy with dreads and talks in the most amusing Jafaican accent since this dude. If you've seen the show, (on BBC's new iPlayer ) you'll know EXACTLY who I mean!

And if you haven't guessed by now, its the guy in the middle!
Anyway, it turns out he's also a UK hip hop artist called Urang? (and looks a bit like North London legend Skrein). As is the trend with an increasing number of emcees, he doesn't take himself seriously but does have a great blend of witty and funny content that's definitely worth checking, and a very funny video to accompany.

Turn your volume down for the 10 second broadcasting beep at the start!!!
Urang? - "Get On Ya Nerves"

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