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8 March 2008

Interview with Ricta

Blatantly Blunt is all about exposing new talent, and following on from the interview with Terra Kid from Red Hot Entertainment last month, we have an interview with UK hip hop emcee RICTA, who's also blessed us with a free download of his latest mixtape, 'Rictape', which can be found at the bottom of this interview. If you're a fan of UK legends such as Jehst, Taskforce or Foreign Beggars, Ricta's following suit with his own blend of real life content and razor sharp flows."I love the underground, I love un-watered down real hip hop, it ain't dead cus I live it everyday."

1. Do you have a crew/producer you make your tracks with and where do you rep?
Yeh, I'm also part of a 3 man group called 'Addicted Dictionaries' which compromises of myself, Idyllic & Tony Gumboots we've all know each other for years doing our solo stuff and thought it was time to start focusing some of our energy on a group project , I wont let loose any surprises just yet but were gonna be working with a lot of big UK names through out the course of this year.

I make a lot of the beats for the group but shouts to DJ Kutclass, DJ OP1 and Jabba Tha Kut for there input and beats on my solo stuff. To be honest I'm just repping myself and 'Addicted Dictionaries' obviously were carrying the flag for the UK too but i try not to get to caught up in that.

2. Who would you say were your main influences including those from the UK and who are you feeling in the game at the moment?
My main influences our all the late 80's / early 90's rap cats you know , Large Pro , OC, Common, Jeru (The Damaja), Lords Of The Underground, Nas, I really could go on forever , in terms of UK influences Jehst, Taskforce, Tommy Evans, Foreign Beggars, Cappo, a whole lot of names... I'm a hip hop junkie!

At the moment Joell Ortiz and Papoose are definitely two cats who are bringing New York back in my opinion , I've not really heard much UK stuff as of late but Stig's 'Homeless Microphonist' was dope along with the new Hoodz Underground LP good to see them guys back too definitely.

3. What's been the best show you've done and which cities do you get the best crowds in?
The best show Ive done hmm I'm not too sure there's been a lot of dope nights but the best ones have definitely been in my hometown (Coventry) cus that's where we get the bigger crowds you know, I'm more known around here than in other cities.

4. How do you feel you're gonna take your career forward?
Just with consistency and dedication, I'm not going anywhere, the Rictape is the first release which I've got into stores and as we speak I'm in talks with stores all over the country trying to secure stock and promotion, I just think with a hard work ethic and a true love for the
music you cant go wrong , I'm not really looking for a major deal or anything like that , I love the underground, I love un-watered down real hip hop, it ain't dead cus I live it everyday.

5. Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?
I'd collaborate with anyone thats got talent and I'm feelin really regardless of if they've already made a name for themselves or not I've always thought me and Tommy Evans would fit nice and a track but hey who knows, also 'Addicted Dictionaries' are looking for a dope DJ for shows
and stuff as we speak so if you fit the picture hit me up!

For more information on Ricta check out...

Ricta's Mixtape, 'Rictape' can be downloaded for FREE here:
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Rapidshare Download Link :

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