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29 February 2012

News: Bizarre leaves D12 citing creative differences

One of the most eccentric names in hip hop history, Bizarre, announced on Monday that he was leaving D12, the crew headed up by Eminem, because of creative differences. However he's not hanging up his shower cap just yet as he's starting a group of his own, aptly named "Weirdo Movement".

"Yeah, I’m not in D12 no more. We just had creative differences and decided to go our separate ways – well I decided to go my separate way. It’s a personal decision on my part. I think I’ve just grown as an artist and it’s time for me to branch off on my brand," he told HipHopDX.

"And nah, I’m not in Odd Future. I got my own crew called The Weirdo Movement. But shout out to Odd Future though" he said.

Here's a recent video he made in dedication to his 'boo' Nicki Minaj...!

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