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22 December 2011

News: Lil Scrappy Makes Public Calling To Stop Violence After Slim Dunkin Death

Source: Yo Raps
Days after the shooting of Atlanta rapper Slim Dunkin, ATL Hip-Hop artist Lil Scrappy passed along his opinion and made a public calling for artists to stop the violence.

Reflecting on Dunkin's death, the self proclaimed “Prince of the South” believes that rappers should have more focus on their careers and keeping Hip-Hop alive rather than resorting to violent acts.

"That sh*t f*cked up, 'cause you can't bring a n*gga back," Scrappy said in a video. "It's just a wake-up call. All that sucker sh*t's gotta quit. N*ggas need to think. N*ggas ain't got to be on no scared sh*t neither. N*gga gonna die regardless but its f*cked up when he goes before his time over some bullsh*t. It ain't 1994 no more, it's 2012 sh*t. You got kids who don't even know Tupac or Biggie or Pimp C. 'Who is Pimp C?' You feel me? I just wanted to pay my respects to Slim Dunkin, RIP because I f*ck with shorty. I really f*ck with shorty and their movement."

A couple days ago, Waka Flocka Flame tweeted his reaction to losing a close friend and Brick Squad Monopoly group member.
"Wish it was me….my f*cking right hand is gone," Waka tweeted on December 17th. "Never tell your problems to anyone...20% don't care and the other 80% are glad you have them. #REALSH*T #F*CKDAWORLD."

It’s still unclear as to who is initially responsible for gunning down Slim Dunkin, but it’s refreshing to know that other artist are getting fed up with the violence in a industry that has an enormous amount of influence over our youth.

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