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17 September 2011

Video: Sikh Unit - Chill Out On My Own

Sikh rap finds it's place within the UK scene, tho you'll have to be patient with his form on the mic but there's definitely content there!! It's the [social] context of this track and artist that makes the video worth a watch, as we're supplied with a generous portion of Sikh religious imagery, tied in closely with a gang related mentality (even more so when you visit his website), exposing that he's been a victim of a knife wound, as is ready to reciprocate..

The last of a dying breed" is mixtape available for free download from

This, his most recent video is a slightly more easy to follow track but the real content is pretty sparse.

1 comment:

  1. I Have to respect Sikh Mans especially there courage when it came to the riots in birmingham