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18 August 2011

Competition: Students can win £50 24/7 for 30 days!

So today’s the day that loads of you lot (in the U.K.) will have received your exam results, which means university or whichever path you choose instead… Don’t get all obsessed about uni though - it isn’t the only way to realize your destined future of Beamers, Benz' and Bentleys.

However, if it is a university course you’ve picked, don’t waste your time and money by skipping lectures in favour of watching Jeremy Kyle shout at a bunch 16 year old alcoholic single mothers!

It may well also be worth your time checking out this sponsored post for Santander, who, for the third year running are ‘making it rain’ with their ‘I love £50’ competition.

The bank is giving away £50 - every hour of every day, for 30 days (!!!) to promote their student bank account. On top of that there are five cash prizes of £1000 being given away for you to spend on whatever students need at uni like err… books and stationery (right?!).

If you want a chance to get your hands on some of that free dough to hit up Freshers Week, G’d up from the feet up, enter the competition via their facebook page and just hit the ‘like’ button!

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