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9 July 2011

Video Review: Marger - Shadows feat Molly (don't be fooled by the 1st minute!)

I can confidently say there's two songs within 'Shadows'. One by  Marger and one by Molly. One is 5/5 and one's definitely not! I sense there's been some label activity behind the scenes here, with two very different fan bases being exposed to opposing ends of the electronic music spectrum!

Production by Marger's long time beat supplier Sibling is way stronger on the dubstep/grime section and on first listens the singer's opening section made me feel a bit queezy!! On the one minute mark however the track turns inside out and Marger saves it with furiously sick delivery, flow and lyrical content, almost reminiscent of Dizzee at his best.

The way the track switched is nothing like I've heard since Bohemian Rhapsody, and sounded like a teenage grime fan had just swapped his little sister's Ministry of Sound compilation CD for his own.

Follow him on Twitter: @ITZMARGER and his producer: @SIBLING_MUSIC

Download his new 'Sneaky EP' here at


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