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29 May 2011

Exclusive Interview: Teddy Music

Grime producer Teddy Music (formerly known as Silencer) is with out a doubt considered amongst the leading producers over the last few years. Having been chosen by Lethal B to re-make the 2004 classic Pow!, Teddy released 'Wow Bass Level 4', his sixth instrumental E.P today. We spoke to him about this, as well as his aspirations, his group and who he'd one day like to make beats for.

BlatantlyBlunt: Been locking in to your Rinse FM show for a little while now, you have a great hosting style! Ever considered being an MC?
Teddy Music: Well I was an MC when I started out, but I found the production more enjoyable, and I have always been a DJ from young, so I thought I wanted to get more into that. I still write choruses a bit and suggest it to MCs though…

BB: What has been your proudest moment so far?
TM: It was when I first was recognized on DJ Cameo’s show alongside JME and Skepta. I was not aware of how good people thought my tracks were. I was in competition with people like Bless Beats, Skitz Beats, Maniac and Rude Kid. I played my track and people got excited, so I thought I definitely have to keep at it, so that was probably my proudest moment.

BB: How did the 'Pow 2011' remake come about that Lethal B asked you to produce?
TM: I was just at home, and when I saw Lethal was calling me, I knew it was something significant. We chatted for a bit, and he said “I’m ringing you because you’re the guy right now – Pow 2011, that’s you fam”. I didn’t want to tell anyone about it, and he said not to as well, so it would be more of a shock to the scene when it happened. I got straight on the job instantly, and dropped everything else I was doing.

Pow 2011

BB: Despite all the high profile names already, who else would you have on it?
TM: Skepta, Tinie Tempah, and Tempa T.

BB: How did your ‘Teddy’ sound signature come about?
TM: It was from my sister. She is into a load of old school R&B slow jams and she was playing once, and as soon as I heard it, I decided I needed it! I sampled it and ever since, I’ve been using it.

BB: What is your favourite production?
TM: It has to be ‘Dirt bag’. When I made that, I got excited! I called one of my mates to come down to listen to the part of it I had made and when he heard he just dropped my headphones and said, “That is SICK!” So I finished it off and since then it has been a big tune in grime…


BB: What production software do you use?
TM: Currently using FL Studio 9, not upgraded to 10 yet, as 9 is good enough! I’m making the tunes and Fruity, break them down into parts and taking them into to logic to get that wider sound.

BB: Outside of grime, what artists would you like to work with?
TM: I would say Rick Ross. He talks about the things I enjoy hearing. Hearing him on my beats would definitely be satisfying.

BB: What is happening with your group Underground Unit at the moment?
TM: They are now called Oceans 6, and are coming out with singles; the next one is called Champagne, and is on a club vibe… Myself and G Tank are providing a lot of the creative input for that.

BB: You changed your name from Silencer to Teddy Music. What was the story behind that?
TM: I believe that if I continue progressing at this rate, I cannot continue using that name, despite that some people think it’s a better name, it’s hard for me to present myself to people with that name, particularly those in their 40s and up! It would lead people to judge me, which I don’t really want.

BB: Any label deals in the horizon for you right now?
TM: I would like there to be at some point, but right now I’m looking to start my own label to release other artists’ music as well as my own and sign different artists to it.

BB: What was the first music you bought that made you want to work in music production?
TM: This goes way back to when I bought ‘Tings in boots’ by Rapid/Ruff Squad from (grime record store) Rhythm Division. I was mixing this one track for hours, and from there I decided I need to get into producing my own stuff. I found some of the sounds used in that tune in Fruity Loops, which spurred me on even more!

BB: Which other producers in the scene right now are you looking out for?
TM: I was say the people that are definitely doing well in the game right now are Spooky, Royal-T, Rude Kid, J Sweet & Alias, and Teeza. In terms of the youngers, they come and go a lot of the time, but ones I’m feeling are Blizzard, who did the ‘Mike Lowery’ remix, there’s J Beatz who did the Tarzan track and Nu-Klea who is doing his thing.

BB: What sound are you bringing on Wow Bass Level 4 that is different from the last three?
TM: I have used a lot of sounds on this one; coming on a more hip I hoppy/grime side of things and when it comes to Wow Bass Level 5, the sound is going to be very different on that as well…

BB: When it comes to working with people from the UK that are not making grime, but within the ‘Rinse FM sound’ who is that you would like to work with?
TM: I really want to work with Katy B, to hear how she sounds on a grimy track. I was speaking to (Rinse FM boss) Geeneus about the possibility of getting her on a track but she’s crazy busy until the end of the year. So for now it’s not happening, but one day in the future hopefully I will get a chance.

Wow Bass Level 4 is available digitally via the following outlets: iTunes, AmazonMP3, Spotify, Juno, 7 Digital,, Tesco, Mixmag Digital, Traxsource and many more, make sure you grab a copy!

Download the EP via Amazon now!

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