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19 April 2011

News: Dot Rotten rushed by ex-crew OGs in Nandos restaurant.

Ex OGs member Dot Rotten was rushed today in the Greenwich branch of Nando's by members of his former crew OGs, as both sides announced on Twitter some of the day's events...

While OGs member Ruger tweeted the following:
...and a little later used the Twit Longer feature to say this:

Dot Rotten has a sour history with OGs after he broke up from the group a little while back, with diss tracks being fired either way. OGs member Jendor recently directed a track against Rotten, criticizing his absence after the death of OGs founding member N.E. 

This may not turn out to be so Rotten for Dot, whose tailor made A Sauvage suit in his first major video 'Normal human being', doesn't fit the average grime artists' attire. The track, produced by certified UK producer Naughty Boy dropped a couple of weeks ago, amassing close to 50000 views already, thanks perhaps to his mainstream coverage including a feature in GQ's online music section

In the knowledge that 'no publicity is bad publicity', this may serve in his favour, especially when his stage name, like many others in grime have negative connotations (e.g. Tinie Tempah, Griminal) which artists seem to be trying to shake off before it gets too late (Black the Ripper switching to Samson and Don Strapzy to Dru Blu for example)! 

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